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This time, I will publish the article I published before in English.

There may be rude words, but please read it.

It is Morioka. I get on the Tohoku Shinkansen from here. It is necessary to arrive to Hirosaki ahead of Shin Aomori by 9 o’clock in relation to the bus of this post transit. It is possible if it is the first bullet train from Morioka.

Morioka is the prefectural capital of Iwate Prefecture. In addition, Iwate Prefecture has Iwate Hanamaki Airport, but Tokyo Line has not been established, and there are unusually bad access to Iwate Hanamaki Airport and tourist spots in Iwate Prefecture and major cities from Kansai and Hokkaido areas. Morioka Station on the Tohoku Shinkansen is overwhelmingly dominant. In addition, Morioka City is also known as a city that uses advanced route buses.

Morioka is a rare station where the Shinkansen ticket gate is independent of the conventional ticket gate. It is a connecting station of JR East and IGR Iwate Galaxy

Railway Line as a conventional line.

It is bound for No. 93 Shin Hakodate Hokuto of Morioka first departure to ride this time. It is the first Shinkansen from Morioka. All Shinkansen trains from Morioka to Shin Aomori and Akita are operated with reserved seats for all cars. The Morioka starting departure number 93 is also an example for all cars without exception, but from Morioka the Shinkansen for all cars for selected seats can also be taken at the same fare as the free seat limited express ticket by the specified limited express ticket. It is necessary to transfer seats when a passenger with a limited express ticket for a reserved seat comes with an available car seat.

The Hayate issue has an impression of the E2 system, but the Hayate issue is also mostly driven by the E5 system. Especially the so-called shuttle type Hayate No. for Shin-Hakodate Hokuto is in charge of E5 system or H5 system because it can not run E2 system in Hokkaido Shinkansen. This vehicle has a good appearance and design, so it has many fans.

This time is an ordinary car. There are also green cars and grand class cars, but the E5 series is more than enough for ordinary cars.

Here is the seat. I think that the angle is steep, but the initial angle seems to be designed for the rear seat, and it feels like a reclining premise service when a customer is seated. There is a movable pillow. It is a luxury car and movable pillows are luxurious at this time.

I beat the reclining. It looks like a mechanism that slides automatically and is a very good ride. Moderate hardness is also great.

Here is the restroom. The latest toilet bowl was installed and it was pretty beautiful.

My feet are quite wide. Furthermore, since the seat under the front is vacant, it can be extended to the maximum. There is also an outlet in each seat and it’s too much.

The desk is also large for business use. As you can see and understand, I do not feel the need to ride a green car. You can see that there is a demand for green cars when it is crowded, but it’s quite good, even comfortable, with ordinary cars. Hokuriku · Joetsu Shinkansen E7 series is using the same design seat, but this JR East’s latest Shinkansen ordinary car is quite recommended.

Although the Tohoku Shinkansen might be surprising, it does not have deep snow scenery unless it enters Iwate Prefecture or Aomori Prefecture because it runs on the Pacific side. I think this is a person who has accumulated.

Arrive at Shichinohe-Towada. Shichihe Towada is a station that opened in line with the Tohoku Shinkansen in 2010. The recently opened Shinkansen station tends to be a long station name. For example, Okutsugaru Imabetsu Station. This is the Hokkaido Shinkansen station, but the temporary station name under construction was Okutsu Karu Station. The local Imabetsu Town proposes Okutsugaru Imabetsu Station, and it is up to the present. There are also cases where it is more troublesome. It is the terminal Shin-Hakodate Hokuto Station of Hokkaido Shinkansen. Construction work was initially underway at Shin-Hakodate Station, but Hokuto-shi proposed to JR Hokkaido the Shin-Hakodate Station as to what belongs to Hakodate-shi and belongs to Hokuto-shi and Shin-Hakodate It fits in Hokuto Station. Shinkansen stations, which were often built in the form of additional construction in the past, have been built at completely new locations, and the economic effects of Shinkansen stations have been instilled in each local government. It seems to be affecting.

We arrived at Shin Aomori. The JR East’s crew was replaced by a JR Hokkaido crew.

Shin Aomori was originally the terminal station. The influence by becoming a station on the way was concerned, but it seems that there is quite a get off even now.

Since the Tohoku Shinkansen has many passing applications, I would like to go sightseeing as well.

Thank you for reading.

I will continue to publish English articles introducing Japan.

I look forward to working with you!




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